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Our team at Nordcap is testing every product in advance with regard to features and everyday suitability. Here, we present this season’s favourite, outdoor-tested products.

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Strike a new path.

We people at Nordcap have very particular demands when it comes to our outdoor equipment. Naturally, it has to be looking good and stylish. Being outdoors, functional clothing is of utmost importance: when hiking, running, mountaineering, or even when shopping, or on the way to work. That is the reason why we test all our products up here in the North. Our clothing collection is not made for extreme athletes or alpinists, yet for everyday people who like to be outdoors on a regular basis. For all of these occasions, we find the ideal harsh climate up here at the North Cape. Equipment that passes the test up here will also offer optimal wearing comfort, warmth, and protection to you.

starts at your

Prepared for any adventure.

You do not have to travel to the North Cape to discover new things and experience freedom. Adventure is closer than you might think. Directly at your doorstep. That is the reason why we do not design clothing for exceptional situations, yet for spontaneous discovery tours, and everyday experience of nature.

Sette Rumpa!

Be in shape.

In order to have you in ideal shape for the coming outdoor-adventures – not only with regard to clothing – we give away our very personal tips for an effective and quick workout.

20 min

Plank to Push-Up



Mountain Climbers


Always on call for you.

The Nordcap Outdoor Team out and about.

This team is testing every item before we add it to our product range.


32, Architect and ice-fisching enthusiast

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I love the mountains, sports, and I am an enthusiastic tester for Nordcap.

The job is more than enjoyable, as Nordcap clothing proves itself under these icy weather conditions. When I come to a cabin to warm up, I still look dazzling. One thing I know for sure: if the clothing works here, it will work perfectly as well for you in the Alps! Will let you know soon about my latest tour.


29, Teacher and canoeist

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I am not an extreme athlete. I am a teacher and in that role I am often outdoors with children. Therefore, my demands when it comes to clothes are different from those of skiers or professional athletes – I am all for suitability for daily use. I want to look good, I want to feel warm, but don’t like to look like a mummy. Therefore, I am more than lucky to be able to test Nordcap clothing with regard to everyday requirements – the requirements you may be asking for, wearing those clothes for work, shopping, or strolling.


37, Mountainguide and runner

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I am what you might call the perfect amateur athlete. I mean I love sports but within meters and bounds. I am primarily in for the fun of it. But you only have fun when you are well equipped. That’s why I like to be a Nordcap tester. I like to idea of testing sports clothes for amateur athletes as professionally as those for professional athletes. On a performance level, we are different people, thus, our clothing has to be tailor-made for our own requirements. That’s exactly the reason why I think Nordcap is special. I am not only testing the clothes – I am also wearing them in my leisure time!

Life at the North Cape.

Living here is not for beginners. This island, located in the Arctic Ocean, is only suitable for both men and women who love a good challenge. You have to get accustomed to the fact that there will be dark night for two and a half months during winter-time. Cold comfort then that the midnight sun will be shining for two and a half months during summer-time! There are definitely easier places to live in on this earth. However, for testing outdoor products, this place is heaven on earth! Whatever proves itself here will stand the test everywhere! 

Godt â vite
(Good to know)